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08-11-2001, 11:59 AM
Here it is. if you want the full version of the file its 12 meg long it comes with everything you need to hack the tivo for a free sub.
E-mail me at Slimsiztheman@aol.com

Hacking a Sony T-60 Model With Directv & TiVo
By: §lims Corp 2oo1

This hack will make your TiVo think that it has a full lifetime upgrade. I will go step by step in this Faq I'm about to make on how you can hack your TiVo to so you can get a free lifetime Account. Read each step and I think that you should print these out. The upgrade will take 10 mins. Well have fun and I hope this little hack works for you as it did for me. I will have Pic's to go along with the hack so you know how and what you are doing.

Step 1.
You will need the following to open your TiVo
1.) Torx #10 screwdriver. You can find one at almost any hardware store. (Sears and RadioShack had them in my area). The TiVo uses special Torx screws for the case and drive. Don't try using a regular flat head screwdriver or you will end up stripping the screws out and making the upgrade more difficult. [ you can buy this at radio shack for about $5.00 ]
Step 2.
Opening the TiVo. These is 4 screws on the back. Just take them off and place them some where safe. [here is a picture of the out side of the box]
Step 3.
This is what the inside of the TiVo will look like.

Step 4.
After you get the case open you need to take the screw's out of the mounting brackets. you can see them in the pic on top where the <---- is point to

Step 5.
You need to flip out the Mounting bracket that you took out in step 4. After you do that you will see 4 screws in the bottom of it for the hard drive you know what to do.
Step 6.
Now you need to look on the back of the drive where the jumper are. Take a pen or marker and make a mark where the jumper is set now. After you do that go to step 7

08-11-2001, 12:00 PM
Step 7.
You need to download this little File. [ well its with this txt file so you don't have to download it ] This file will tell you how to set the jumper to Slave. [ You need to make sure that the jumper is set to Slave and your Hard drive in your computer is set to master if not then find out what hard drive you got in your computer and go to the web site and download the jumper setting ] then set up your TiVo's Hard Drive to the 2nd ribbon on the IDE cable [ that's the middle one ] After that move to step 8.
Step 8.
You need to Make a boot Disk [ this is also in the Text folder I have make up. ][ There is two a .iso that you can burn to a CD. or a folder that lets you make a Floppy disk ] If I was you go to the CD is better and has more stuff on it.
Make the Boot CD Or Floppy And then move on to step 9.
Step 9.
Ok after your floppy or CD is done. you need to Put it in the A drive or CD drive. Now turn on the power to the computer you hooked up the drive to and enter the BIOS Setting this is [Del] or [F1] on most computers. Make Sure the TiVo Drive is In the display You should see it under slave. If its not there then you have to Fix it so it is. Well if its showing up then your on a good track. move to the next step.

08-11-2001, 12:00 PM
Step 10.
Now your floppy Drive or CD drive will start and it will boot up Linux. once it does hit [ENTER] you will then see that it starts to load Stuff. This is really Important. You will see on The Screen a part witch is HDA & HDB & HDC = HDA is your Master Drive HDB = Is your TiVo Drive HDC = Is your CDROM. Now I hope you see that you will then be prompted To Enter a PASSWORD Type in [ROOT] without the [] now move on to step 11.
Step 11.
Type in the following Command.
MkDir tivodrive
Then it will go back to #
Type in this command next
mount /dev/hdb7 /mnt/tivodrive
If this comes up with a error then type in this command = mount /dev/hdb4 /mnt/tivodrive
now if that don't work then you need to do something in step 10 when it tells you the HDA,B,C you need to copy down the info what the TiVo drive it is it might be HDA or HDB or HDC I don't know what you got in your computer so I just put HDB as the second hd in your computer.
Ok now the drive is mounted in to the computer. type in the following and you will get to the files you need to get to.
CD mnt
CD tivodrive
CD tvlib
CD tcl
CD tv
LS = this will show you the DIR just like dos.
Ok now that your in this dir you will see a file called Setup.itcl = HE HE this is the file you need to edit type in
edit setup.itcl
You will then go to a edit screen look for the following ( SeviceState $val ) And ( Service State Expiration $val )
Those are the two you are going to change all you need to do is take the VAL Part out and change it to the following.
( Service State $val ) you change to ( Service State 5 )
( Service State Expiration $val ) you change to (Service State Expiration 11582 )
Now that what not that hard don't do anything more to this file all you need to do is edit those two that's it. now hold CTRL and hit K then hit H and a help menu will come down look for save. Save the file and you will exit out back to Linux Bash prompt. Move on to step 12.

08-11-2001, 12:01 PM
Step 12.
You are all most done you just need to unmount the drive and that it. follow the command I type in and you will be set.
umount /dev/hdb7
Step 13.
that's it your done now hold alt + ctrl and hit del and it will restart the computer power down and set the jumper pin back n the TiVo's drive back to what it was and put it back in the TiVo and re screw everything back in. [ or test it out first ] you should then plug in the Phone line to the TiVo go to the options to make a Call Let it call TiVo and when its Downloading Pull the phone line out go to System Info and you will see Account: 5 Lifetime. Here is a Picture Of the SYSTEM INFO SCREEN.
Sorry but I blacked out the access Card id info so no one trys to take it. Lol you

This File Has Been Bought To By §lims Corp 2oo1 Admin Edition.
Do not copy this file without asking me before hand. I worked long and hard trying to do this hack and I finally did it. so just remember that when you are trying to steal my shit. All you need to do is E-mail me at Slimsiztheman@aol.com and ask me and I will Ans your question. Or goto mIRC Dalnet and #Dss I’m in there most of the time. This is the full Text file it took me About 1 hour to do the txt and about 15 mins to do the hack. Have fun with your new Hacked TiVo and peace out.
Check out some pics of my room and whys its important to me to have a hacked lifetime account.

08-11-2001, 11:59 PM
what happens when the tivo calls home ??? will it wipe out the change you just made????

i know it does on a sa unit :o

08-12-2001, 01:26 AM
this wont work past the 30days. You have more then one thing to edit then just that. Do you think that tivo would only have one call for this state. NO WAY. try it for your self in 31 days you will be undoing it all. Also you wont be able to do this with 2.5.

08-12-2001, 08:56 AM
This hack been here for quite a while and It's nothing new, besides this will not work past 31 days as reported by everyone who did it.

Are you sure you don't have to do chattr +i ? Because this will work on 2.0 but not 2.0.1, on 2.0.1 it will switch the file, because the signature for it will not match in linuxrc, the only files that are not effected are in /var hdx9.

If you do this you need to immune it with chattr +i, else it will be deleted. The nags will start poping up after 14 days.

08-12-2001, 12:13 PM

First off, thanks for all your work! This topic (ServiceState hacks) and this board _need_ a HOW-TO if we're ever gonna bring the TiVo hacking community together. I have not contacted you by personal email to receive a copy of your procedure, but I have heard from others that you really do offer some helpful advice for people just getting started with TiVo.

If I could make a couple suggestions. First off, I believe the motto from DSS Underground sites such as ATSDSS, DSSU, and The Den (my favoriate- better colors :) is "READ, READ, READ". If you had done a little digging, you might have discovered that a lot of this information is already available... Please see the thread 'fixup' in the regular 'TiVo Hacks' forum in which (toward the end of the thread), a step-by-step procedure is outlined (albeit cryptically) for getting the TiVo going without a subscription. This procedure applies to DirecTV units as well though the method will be a little different in that case.

If you are serious about creating a newbie HOWTO, please consider enclosing my 'fixup02c.tcl' script, lame comment block intact. It fixes a few more things, but it's not done yet. Perhaps you could help us finish it?

Above all else, I encourage you to 'Hack Responsibly'. Yes, TiVo is hackable. No you don't _have_ to pay TiVo any money, ever. I have a TiVo that I don't pay for, but then again I don't watch TV with it. I just Hack-the-SHIT out of it!!!!

Please consider editing your post above to fix some typos (linux commands are LOWERCASE only :) and maybe even upload your kit here so we can all share it. I promise not to share it without your permission and not to change any of your text, and give you full credit for all your hard work!


08-12-2001, 02:25 PM
Here is my info.

I'm in #dss [most of th time an when i'm nt i will be there is a few]
mynick is |slims| [ you will see me on the bottom of the screen]