View Full Version : Help repairing my upgraded HDVR2

12-15-2003, 05:39 PM
Back in September, I upgraded my HDVR2 by replacing the original drive with 2 120GB Maxtor drives. A week ago, the master drive developed a bunch of bad blocks (as I discovered later), and the DTivo crashed, and a power reset resulted in an endless GSOD cycle that I let run for over 24 hours with hope it would fix itself.

I put the original drive back in the machine and it works great. So I bought a 250MB external USB2 drive, hooked it up to my Linux machine, and used mfstools to back up the twin Maxtor drives. This is when I found out that every sector from 79208384 to 79796639 on the drive was corrupted.

I bought a new identical Maxtor drive (while processing the warranty repair on the other one--I can use the eventual replacement in one of my computers), and restored the backup onto it and the original slave drive and put it back in my HDVR2 last Saturday. Unfortunately, it's still stuck in the GSOD reboot cycle. My guess is that the bad sectors were right in the middle of the Tivo Linux OS partition, and corrupted far too much to recover from.

I have recordings on these drives I'd really like to recover and watch, but I haven't installed any hacks, like unscrambler yet.

Does anybody have a procedure to reinstall just the Linux OS partition of the drive and keep the recordings intact?