View Full Version : Power light just blinks ... RCA 490 .. UTV

12-17-2003, 12:17 AM
Just joined tonight , great forum tons of info !!

Got a question , hopefully someone can help ..

I have had a rca490 for a year or so now , was working great till the other day , all it will do is blink the power light now , it wont boot, nada .. just for fun I tried another drive, and got to the web tv screen , and the dial in stuff . I put the original drive back in , and same old green blinking power light again ..

The original HD sounds like it is working ok, but I can't get this thing booted ..

Any advise out there ?? thanks ..

PS , also just got a brand new Sony T60 today as well , which I want to "fix" up ..

I was planning on taking the 35 hour drive out and putting a brand new 120 gig in .. gotta do some reading on this one first , lol


12-17-2003, 09:37 AM
in regards to the "blinking" light. Use the Search button to find some of the already posted threads. Let us know if they help.