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12-30-2003, 06:35 PM
Hi all,

I have a Philips 963SA DVD player. I've been playing around with allsorts trying to make DVDs from shows extracted from my UK Tivo S1 V2.5.5 box.

Tried tystudio, can't find any commercial s/w that will pass through the DD2.0 audio that doesn't cost a small (or big) fortune.

Tried tytools and burning with Nero 5.5. The menus created by dvdauthor don't work, they just show up for a split second and it goes straight to the first VOB and I can't get back to the menu.

Tried Ulead MediaStudio, Xoom DVD Creator, Pinnacle Studio 8 and they all create a DVD nicely (the menus work fine) but no DD2.0 sound. (and they all recode the MPEG2)

Has anyone got dvdauthor working with a Philips DVD player? Especially the 963SA?

I've noticed that the Philips player also cannot cope with the 480x480 resolution files too well, using tystudio to convert the files to MPEG and dvdauthor to create a VOB and chucking just that on a DVD+RW the player doesn't even recognise it as a DVD but another player I've got (Pioneer all in one unit) plays it fine.

I hate Philips! :mad: :p

Thanks for any help.

01-01-2004, 05:40 AM
This is what I do with a UK Tivo. It works on all DVD players I've tried.

1) Alter the Tivo recording format to res 0 with Tivoweb. This gives DVD compliant res and is vital for success without recoding, I find. For me recoding just ruins the picture quality and takes forever. YMMV. You may find other issues with res 0, namely the green band at the edge of the screen. There are ways around this and they have been discussed in the TivoCommunity UK forum. Those procedures also largely solve the excessive brightness/contrast problem with UK Tivos.

2) Extract with TyTool using the no.5 audio option.

3) Create multiplexed MPEG with TyTool.

4) Run MPEG through WombleVCR Gop repair tool (there will be loads of errors).

5) Edit MPEG (remove intros, ads etc.) with WombleVCR and save selecting 16/9 in the output video setting (only for 16/9 source material, of course). If you still have trouble with 16/9 then patch the entire file at this point using DVDPatcher.

6) Import saved Womble MPEG into DVDLab, selecting the default de-multiplex option.

7) Create DVD menus etc. with DVDLab.

8) Compile DVD in DVDLab. The default compile setting works for me.

9) Burn with Prassi. Ignore the reported DVD compliancy error.

It seems like quite a complex procedure but once you have the hang of it you can mostly do something else whilst the software does the work for you. Start with a half-hour programme with ads to get used to it as that won't take too long to work with.

01-02-2004, 03:54 AM
A couple of things that I forgot to mention:

1) I find that I must repair *all* the Gop errors with the Womble Gop repair tool. If I leave out this step no DVD will compile correctly or play back. I know that some people here say that you don't need to correct the Gop errors but perhaps this is a UK Tivo thing. Contrary to what is mentioned elsewhere I find that this step only takes a few minutes and doesn't increase the file size.

2) I find that Nero is absolutely incapable of writing a DVD that plays back on a set-top DVD player though on alternate Wednesdays and with a following wind it may sometimes write one that will play on a PC, just. I've tried it until I'm blue in the face with several versions. It just doesn't work. It's not very good for CDs either. Prassi and RecordNowMax both do a perfect job for me with no errors.

3) Sometimes the Tivo source ty (as viewed on a TV) has errors in it and these are reflected in the multiplexed MPEG file. These can stop the DVD from compiling correctly. I haven't found a reliable way around this.