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Da Flash
01-12-2004, 04:16 PM
I have a Utv ird that was giving me problems with over-heating, once I removed the cover and let a household fan cool it, I didn't have anymore trouble with the ird as long as I run the external fan. Just this morning I went to turn it on and didn't get a green power light, the fan acted like it wanted to spin (it was spinning fine before today) but didn't, and I could hear a very low "tick-tick-tick-tick" come from what I believe to be the power supply (where the power cord plugs in) so I switched out the board (tan not green) from a Utv with 2 bad tuners, still the "tick-tick-tick-tick" and no power light

Any suggestions??

01-13-2004, 10:57 AM
Flash... I've had the tick...tick before.
It was a short in the UTV's main PC board.
Making the power supply overload... after I fixed the short (I wish I had pics because it was amazing) it fired back up.

Before I found the problem I swapped power supplies with another UTV and had the same results tick...tick... in the shorted out UTV and the power supply from the shorted out UTV worked fine in the already working UTV.

You say you still get tick...tick when you put the power supply into a known good UTV....How about when you put the known good UTV's power supply into the tick..tick..UTV?

Sounds like there is a short in the tick..tick power supply.

Smell everything..can you smell the distinct odour of fried components?

My short was on the back side of the main PC board in the tuner power supply area.