View Full Version : Rebuilding Browserdata Image

01-18-2004, 11:44 PM
I am trying to rebuild browsersdata image file, and I am getting an error message with script file for buildfsimage. Here is the background.

I have extracted the browserdata image to c:\browserdata. Made changes to files.
I have buildfsimage.exe and browserdata.bfs in c:\
Contents of browserdat.bfs:

Addvolume BrowserData
addtree browserdata
setattrs -maxsegmentsize 49152

At C:\ I enter “buildfsimage -updatemode -script browserdata.bfs -output browserdata.image”
And I get an error message “unable to open ‘browserdata.bfs’ for input bad file descriptor”
I have tried running buildfsimage with the browserdata.bfs file in the c:\browserdata folder and the same error message. I also removed the browserdata.bfs file and get the same error message. It seems buildfsimage does not see browserdata.bfs, so does the browserdata.bfs go somewhere other than c:\ or c:\browsedata?

Thanks in advance - RandC