View Full Version : mplayer java gui with tyshow optional

02-09-2004, 12:33 AM
I have made a few changes to Graeme's mplayer java GUI.

features added:

support for multiple tivos
table sorting for listings by any field (tivo,date,title,episode etc)
help text
command line controlled tivo list
command line controlled mplayer location
command line controlled player (if not using mplayer - such as tyshow for wmplayer).
few code optimizations.

Specifically it can be used to play ty's directly on windows media player (making skip and full screen toggle easier etc).

requires: java 1.4
vserver installed on tivo
mplayer-tivo installed on pc
(optinal) tyshow installed for windows media player

***UPDATE 4/22/04
I've attached the files. PLEASE give questions or feeback in this thread.