View Full Version : Swap 120gb UTV to new UTV?

02-10-2004, 11:57 AM

I'm a longtime UTV user, but I haven't played with my UTV's for quite awhile, so I've been out of the loop. I have a brand new (old stock) UTV that has the original 3.0 software on it.

I also have a UTV that has lost a tuner and occasionally gives me the green blinking light syndrome. That UTV has a 120gb HD full of shows (with 3.5 software). Is it possible to take the 120gb, shows intact, and install it in the new UTV?

I just tried installing it and all the lights on the new were flashing like crazy. I pulled the power cord after a few seconds of this. Did I now screw up the 120 gb drive? Is it still possible to have this drive installed with 3.5 software into the new UTV. Thanks in advance for any help!


02-10-2004, 05:02 PM
You just lost all your shows.

You can download 3.7 over the phone line or install an image using your computer. The drive is now locked to your "new" UTV and if you put it back into the other one will not work either.

02-10-2004, 06:15 PM
the flashing lights mean that your 120gb started zero'ing itself, so the partition with your shows, offset data, etc are possibly gone or corrupted. BUT, there is a chance that are still ok. since you pulled the plug "quickly", it's possible that only the boot/os partitions were corrupted. and also, since the zero'ing didn't finish, your 120gb is NOT YET married to your new Ultimate! marraige only happens after the zero'ing process is completed. if you're willing to use winhex, here's what to do to *try* to recover your shows on the 120gb...

let's call your old utv "utv1".

1> hot-swap = connect the 120gb to utv1, power up utv1 and disconnect the ide cable to the 120 after 5-10 seconds. then with the power still connected to the 120, connect the 120 to a computer's ide. you'll need winhex and the 3.5 or 3.7 os file on that computer. this hotswap method is further discussed here and at avs. you might have to increase your wait state to get the 120 to temporarily unlock. you can try 5 second increases. you can tell if it's still locked if windows takes a really long time to boot, or if winhex can't recognize it. when you first power up utv1 with 120 back in, and the three lights start flashing crazy-like, then that's trouble. it might be the case that once the "zero yourself!" command it sent to a drive, it will be persistent until it finishes. so next time power is applied, it will restart/resume the zero'ing process. let's hope this isn't the case.

2> with winhex, copy 3.5 or 3.7 to the 120gb drive, then unplug the ide from the 120. use caution with winhex, cause you don't want to mistakenly write the OS to your computer's HD!!! this process is also discussed here and at avs.

3> then power down utv1, connect the 120 to utv1 (power & ide), and power it up. if you're lucky, joy...your old utv1 will not skip a beat & your shows will be available.

if you're totally lost about the hotswap and os install, let us know and someone can help answer any of your questions.
if you're successful with recovering your 120, you can use winhex to image your 120, and then write it back after some more swap fun. but you should start with trying to recover your shows first....

hope this helps, and let us know how it goes.