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02-28-2004, 03:50 AM
Hello Everyone,

First off, let me say that I read this forum daily and it is a great source of information and help on all issues related to Tivos. Awesome job!

I have completed searches throughout this board and have tried everything suggested to fix my reboot problem before deciding to post this message. Unfortunately, nothing has worked and I am going to assume now my DTivo needs professional repair - unless someone can come up with something else to try. I am open to trying anything to make this thing work properly :-)


I have had a DSR6000 DTivo unit for about 8 months and things were great in the beginning. Even though, the dolby digital optical output did not work from day one - but I decided to live without that.

The unit worked perfectly for 6 months but then started to exhibit signs that we have all come to dread. Pixelation, random rebooting and/or going into a reboot loop.

After checking this board, I found the following solutions and I will outline their outcomes in my particular situation.

Fix 1: Reseat Parlex cable?

Clean, switch ends, and reseat the white parlex cable that goes from the power supply to the motherboard.

I did the above and the rebooting stopped only for a moment but then continued and occurred more frequently. Eventually, it got to the point where the Tivo became unusable as recordings were missed or not completed.

I cleaned both silver ends with an eraser and made sure the cable was firmly seated at both ends.

Fix 2: Hard drive failure?

After reseating the parlex cable did not fix the problem. I decided to investigate whether or not the drive was failing. I ran diagnostics on the drive and it returned that there were errors.

Just this weekend, I replaced the old drive with a new WD 80G 8MB cache 7200RPM drive. I installed a fresh Tivo image on the drive and upgraded to Xtreme 2.52. The unit worked great for about 3 hours and then went into a reboot loop. It did this over and over. Work for two or three hours and then reboot loop.

Fix 3: Heat Issues?

After a brand new hard drive did not fix the problem, I decided to investigate whether or not the Tivo was rebooting due to heat issues. I resorted to running the unit with the cover off. I got the Tivo to run for 7 hours straight before rebooting with the cover off. But the reboots kept occuring after that...

I replaced the stock fan with a Vantec Thermoflow 60mm fan running on 12V from the HD power cable. Then I also added a Vantec Thermoflow 80mm fan running on 12V next to the hard drive. The unit ran significantly cooler based on the info I got from TivoWeb (41C) but the reboots continued after an hour or two and then it would go into a reboot loop.

Fix 4: Check voltages?

Since the unit would reboot after working for a couple of hours I thought maybe the voltages were dropping or low. I purchased a multimeter and checked the voltages on the HD connector for 5V and 12V. The voltage readings on both remained consistent at 5.30V and 12.2V respectively - even while the unit rebooted.

Fix 5: Reimage as database may be corrupted?

As a last ditch effort I thought the image/database may be corrupted. I reinstalled the Tivo image on the drive. It rebooted during the updating database procedure and after all was said and done it rebooted again after working for only 5 minutes.


Does anyone have any further suggestions as to what I can do... I have not tried using a serial cable as the unit has a Turbonet card in it. But is this my next step? Will the logs tell me anything...

To me everything seems to check out... new drive, reseated parlex cable, reimage, good power supply - but the thing still reboots over and over again :-(

I have tried to fix the unit myself, as it is going to be a pain to ship this thing from Canada to have someone look at it and have it shipped back... but I guess I may have to.

But I am really at the end of my rope - and thought about putting myself out of my misery and getting a DirecTV Hughes SD- DVR40 Direct TV TiVo off ebay from within Canada. But then I am left with a very expensive doorstop that seems so close to working properly as there do not seem to be any major hardware problems.

Thanks for all your help.

02-28-2004, 08:48 AM
Delete your logs, reboot the unit, and when it crashes again, grab the logs and take a look at them or post them here....

You may still have parallax cable connectivity issues....I'd suggest a lil piece of tape on the bottom of the cable. That will help push the contacts up to the connector and create a beter connection.....these damn things are worse than a PMS'n woman.