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03-13-2004, 06:25 PM
Here's my history on xbox hacking. I bought an xbox back in 2002, and hacked it right away with a Matrix Chip. I installed the Evolution X dashboard, and have backed up many games by FTP'ing them to my PC, and burning them on DVD. I have that procedure down pat....no problems there.

Now, I want to install my xbox in my Chevy Avalanche and use it as a mobile DVD and game system with 9" monitors in the headrests. I'm all set with the install in the Av....no problems there either.

It would only make sense for me to upgrade the xbox's HD (the original 8GB HD in still installed) and put all my games on the HD, right? OK...here's where I need help. I've been trying to install the new HD and I can't get the xbox to boot off my Evolution X CD so I can FTP to the xbox, and format the new drive. I have copied the original HD (c:\) to my PC, but the damn xbox won't boot up off CD. I think I have evolutionx 2.5 bios on my matrix chip, but can't remember for sure. I still have that bios, but can't remember how to reflash the matrix chip. My documentation says to put both dip switches off, and new bios can be loaded from DVD. I tried this, but have know idea if the chip was reflashed (I don't want to take it out! I had a hell of a time getting it positioned correctly. the damn screw stripped out, and I evenly had to go with a bigger screw and superglue. not pretty, but it works)

Anybody know if the linux commands "dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/hdb bs=1024k" will work to copy the original HD to my new one? Any other suggestions?

03-14-2004, 01:04 PM
Never mind, I figured it out. I had to zero out the entire HDD using XboxHDPrepar. Talk about a pain in the arse! You know how long it takes to zero out a 120GB HDD? I do......

03-15-2004, 11:21 AM
I would like to know how you got around the shock issues with the HD drive in the Xbox.

Oh, and good luck :)

03-15-2004, 06:05 PM
for general knowlage you don't need to zero a hard drives any more.

03-17-2004, 11:08 AM
for general knowlage you don't need to zero a hard drives any more.

Yep...much easier to use an updated bios and burn an evox boot disk to format out partitions...or even just do raw commands through ftp.