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03-29-2004, 12:30 AM
This builds a database of movies on your PC that allows much easier capabilities to find movies you want to record. It allows you to schedule movies to be recorded or cancel movies you've already scheduled (via TivoMovies). It requires Windows XP, or Win98 plus Framework .NET 1.1 (available as a windows update) and MDAC 2.6 or better which can be downloaded from www.microsoft.com.

As an example of how useful it can be, since I had all the movies channels from DISH, if I wanted to look at movies I wanted to record, it was about 2000 - 3000 movies (two weeks worth) to look through. By running TivoMovies nightly, there are about only 50 new movies to decide on!

The file screenshots.zip has screenshots (duh!) of the program in action.

Just some of the functionality:

Database remembers movies that you've seen and don't want to record and doesn't show them every time they're scheduled.
Full sort and search capability not only on scheduled movies, but on any movie that was ever shown while TivoMovies was being used.
Movies can be flagged as "favorites" so you can search on movies that you really like.
Stations can be flagged as favorites or HD so you can search on movies that are showing on just those channels.
The download can be setup to run as a regularly scheduled task, and then it will email you the results.
Multiple databases can be setup if different people have different preferences.