View Full Version : Manually apply TiVo software updates?

BoB-O TiVo
04-03-2004, 04:09 AM

My DirecTiVo (SAT-T60) is hacked up but good. I have it working exactly how I want. To ensure that nothing gets flubbed up, I disabled software updates via the following mods:

1) I commented out the following lines in rc.sysinit:
# Check for software upgrade
#if [ "$swupgrade" = true ]; then
# /tvlib/tcl/updateSoftware.tcl

2) I commented out these other lines in rc.sysinit:
#if [ "$upgradesoftware" = false ]; then
# echo "Not upgrading software"
# TODO... Find another way to do this...
#tivosh /etc/rc.d/finishInstall.tcl

Now, the only problem here is that my TiVo reboots itself every night because it thinks it has an update to apply. This requires me to reset my 30-second skip and is really starting to annoy me.

Is there a way I can manually install the updates that are pending without losing my hacks? I've searched and I see references to this, but no clear instructions. I'd even settle for just stopping the reboots, but I'd rather get the new bits as well.


BoB-O TiVo
04-07-2004, 02:09 AM