View Full Version : All xfers from my tivo slowed down.. :( Help!

04-03-2004, 05:45 PM
Help! I don't know what happened, but now my tivo extracts at only .43 megabytes/second! Here is the odd thing.. before my tivo slowed down, i was getting about .62.. I took the Tivo off of the HPNA network and hooked it up to a 10/100 hub whicy my XP box is hooked up to. Viola, I got about 1.2.. decent..

All of a sudden 2 weeks ago, extraction out of the blue drops to .43... so i take Tivo off the HPNA again, back up to the 10/100 hub.. and I get about .87 or so.. roughly double again.. but still not at the 1.2 i was getting..

Tytool, FTP, and MSFTP all transfer files at the same rate! I've tried xferring all three tools from two different computers, and all get the same xfer rate... So something in Tivo must be slowing it down.. So i start to search this board for fixes/improvments.

I made the boot setting parameter change to set TurboIDE to off, but that didn't help..(did speed up menu access and tivoweb though) I've got the 2/2/03 drivers for turbonet. Shutting down tivoweb has no effect.. Turning to a blank channel that I don't receive has no effect.. Sending tivo to "standby" mode doesn't work. I've changed the timing parameter for the drivers as well...all with no effect.

Any Ideas? I've searched this forum up and down and can't seem to find anything that works.. :(