View Full Version : Need extraction help???

04-07-2004, 12:12 AM
hiya guys, this is what i got-i got the series 1 dtivo with a network card.i can access it with tivoweb and smart ftp. with smart ftp i can find programs in the ty directory and transfer them to my computer. now this is where my problem lies-i have tytool and tystudio apps and when i try to open the ty movie files it gives me errors and they(tytool Tystudio) shutdown. ive been trying to get these working for weeks and with no luck. what am i missing. ive been reading but cant find anything like my problem. please dont flame me. i hope i get some good feedback from this post. thanks ahead of time....

04-07-2004, 08:49 AM
Here's a couple of things you may want to try. Make sure you've got some form of noscramble running on the Tivo. Noscramble needs to be running BEFORE you make any recordings or you won't be able to extract and process them. Look into Alphawolf's scrambling thread in this forum for info on the latest noscramble hacks.

Forget about using TyStudio. It's got too many bugs and will give you mixed results at best if it doesn't crash on you. Try using TyTools for extraction and processing. Check the TyTools thread and the TyTool website for lots of good info and FAQs posted by jdiner. There are several docs that are included in the TyTool9rXX.zip file so read through them to learn how to use the latest features. Make sure you've got the latest Tivo side files and you've made them executable on the Tivo. Don't forget to start up the tserver_mfs7 file on the Tivo prior to extracting any videos or you'll never connect and get the NowShowing list.