View Full Version : tytool/dvdauthor problems (mistaking pal for ntsc)

04-12-2004, 06:59 AM

I've sorted out my overheating problem - but the disks I create still aren't right. I took two random episodes of friends, ran them through exactly the same process and burned them to DVD. The first episode worked perfectly. The second threw warnings in dvdauthor and, although it does play back, has problems - j e r ky video and over-saturated colour.

The dvdauthor process for the second episode threw warnings which looked something like this:

STAT: Processing d:\.....ty.vob
WARN: attempt to update tv format from ntsc to pal; skipping
STAT: VOBU 4178 at 1155MB, 1 PGCS, 0:42:41
INFO: Generating VTS with the following video attributes:
INFO: TV standard: ntsc
INFO: Aspect ratio: 4:3
INFO: Resolution: 704x480
INFO Audio ch 0 format: mp2/2ch, 20bps

The video is definitely 576 lines, at least GOPeditor claims it is, and the first episode works just fine. Both were taken from the same UK SA Tivo and from the same channel. The only difference between them are the streams themselves and the cuts.

I see two potential reasons for the difference. Firstly, the cuts will by their nature be close to 16:9/4:3 transitions as the adverts before them are 16:9 and the episodes 4:3. Could this be a problem?

Secondly, looking at the .cut files, my first cut was GOP-GOP on the first show but GOP-FAE on the second show. Is this likely to make a difference?