View Full Version : DVD audio missing

04-24-2004, 04:24 PM

I've been having great results using TyTool9r13 to extract video from my SAT-T60 DirecTiVo, and using TMPGEnc DVD Author to cut commercials and store the mpeg2 muxed video on my hard drive.

I recently took the next step of trying to use the stored files to make a DVD, again using TMPGEnc DVD Author. Everything seemed to work fine, but when I play the DVD, the sound just drops out about 10 mins into each track (I set each episode of my program as a separate track).

I tried playing the source files output by TMPGEnc DVD Author, and the same problem is there -- it looks like something is happening to the audio at that step. Any suggestions or advice that could be offered would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,