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08-23-2001, 07:13 PM
This link is for a $10.10 off coupon on any perfume.

You have to sign up and activate your account to get $10.10 in beauty bucks.

Activating your account is done by clicking on a link in the introductory
email that is sent to you after you sign up.
They have minis starting from $11.99. So you can get almost free MINIS PERFUMES (5 ml and 8 ml) - just add $2.

By referring your friends or spending your dollars you will get Beauty Bucks for every referral or every dollar you spend.
Your earning potential is limitless.
Redeem Beauty Bucks for products (perfumes and skin care) and for shipping costs too.

It is also said on their web-site: "We can offer beauty bucks for doing such things as sending greeting cards or signing up for an email account. Look for these beauty buck offers in the near future as well as other exciting ways to earn beauty bucks."


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