View Full Version : Complete Newbie - Buying a TIVO

04-28-2004, 01:13 AM
I am going to be buying a tivo in the next few weeks. After attempting to read these forums, I decided to simply ask for help, because I really know nothing about tivo, other than it records my favorite shows.
I am considering buying either the refurbished 80 hr series 2 on the tivo site
or the Toshiba Progressive-Scan Digital Media Server (DVD Player/TiVo DVR Combo), also 80 hrs, with a dvd player, and, after rebates, only $9 more.
Any recommendations between the two?
Also, the Toshiba says it comes with basic service for free, but you need to pay for the other service. What is the difference? I got the impression that basic wouldn't automatically record my favorite shows, which is exactly what I want tivo for, so I am guessing I will be paying for the lifetime serivce as well.
Also, I don't really understand what all the hacks people are talking about are for. What extra features do these hacks give you?
I will not be getting a direct tv tivo, as I have digital cable. Is it easy to use tivo with digital cable? All I ever read about is direct tv.
Finally, if I later buy another tivo for another room, do I have to pay a whole new lifetime subscription fee?
Sorry for all the stupid questions. Thanks in advance for any help!

04-28-2004, 02:05 AM
Life time subscription is tied to a single box's "serial number". So, if you do get a second one, you either have to pay monthly fee, or pay another life time sub for the 2nd Tivo.

The hacks people talk about allow you to do more with your Tivo. For example:
- TivoWeb allows you to schedule programs/record shows/control Tivo using a web interface. You can even scedule a recording when you are away from your home
- Video extraction allows you to transfer the recorded program from Tivo onto your PC, or another Tivo

I used to have digital cable and a series 2 Tivo (AT&T model). That was a pain because Tivo had to use the little infrared blaster doodats to change channel on the digital cable box. Alot of times it will be recording the wrong channel. There are some models of cable box that can be controled by Tivo using a serial cable, that will be more reliable.

I end up switching to DirecTV and DirecTivo. I love it much better because of the integrated dual tuners! The good thing about Stand Alone Tivos are that you can control the recording quality to record more shows on your Tivo. And since it comes with its own "digitizing chip", you can even use it to record VCR tapes and watch it on your Tivo! :)