View Full Version : Problems with Mfs_Ftp on a SA Tivo, CuteFTP, Is it faster than Tivoftpd?

05-01-2004, 12:39 AM
Hey Everyone,

I have a Phillips SA 212 running 3.0 and I was just wondering if anyone has gotten mfs_ftp to work for them when using CuteFTP.

I have not had any success. So now I currently use Tivoftpd when I need to transfer new things in.

Are there any advantages that Mfs_ftp has over Tivoftpd?

I heard that Mfs_ftp allows to you get .ty files using a regular FTP client. Is this true?

I appreciate all of the help. I have been trying to reed through the Mfs_Ftp thread and have not found anything yet. Most people are talking about transfering Tivo->Tivo with Mfs_Ftp.

I appreciate the help everyone !!

Happy Tivo-ing !!! Kenny

05-01-2004, 08:23 AM
mfs_ftp is for transferring shows to and from the mfs filesystem on your tivo. This is different from tivoftpd which allows you to transfer files to the linux partitions.

The most likely reason you can't connect to mfs_ftp is because it runs by default on port 3105. It uses this port so you can run it at the same time as tivoftpd.