View Full Version : Is TLC unstable for other people?

05-08-2004, 06:07 AM
I'm seeing massive amounts of unstable TLC streams. Trading Spaces has intros which are typically quite screwed up with a couple of frames, then black, then more frames, then black, then the video runs. While You Were Out typically has lots of audio dropouts.

Attached is an example of the goofy alignment I'll see when Trading Spaces is coming back after an add. This is the only one I've seen which rolled sideways. Usually, they're somewhat split-screen, as if the vertical hold is off. Note, also, the additional encoding of data in the overscan.

Really sucks. The first and semi finals 2 of Trading Spaces Home Free are screwed up. I see this a lot. They'll crash TyTool or have really weird stuff like convincing TyTool it needs another 35000 missing audio packets or something like that. I'm pretty sure these problems are happening when the show resumes after ads.