View Full Version : TiVo Hacking For PPC

05-10-2004, 12:14 AM
I hope this is the right forum...

I've ported the Sleeper ISO (really just the scripts) to PPC. This is a bootable CD that should work on any G3-G4 based Mac. It probably does not work on the G5. I've tested it in my G4, but I haven't tried to monte anytihng yet (I just redid my TiVo and I don't have any extra 40GB disks to try it with). Hopefully somebody with a Mac and an experimental TiVo can help me out...

Here are some links:
http://thinkdiff.mine.nu:90/tivo/tivohackppc-beta1.tgz (14.4MB)

Those are on my personal server, so please don't download the .tgz if you don't have a Mac ;) (save me some bandwidth). Please post any suggestions or comments.