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05-11-2004, 01:35 PM
Please excuse the total newbie-ness of this post.

First, I am looking for some definitions:

What is it to be an ‘Xtreme image’ of your drive? What makes it so X-treme (no Mountain Dews comments please)?

What is xPlusz? Whats it good for?

Tytools, where can you download?

TivoWeb, what is it, what is it good for?

Why does everyone use Joe as editor, isn’t VI much more prevent in the unix world?

Here is what I have and what I want to do: I have a Philips DSR6000, with a 120Gig drive that I put in a few years ago. Since then I have not kept up with Tivo world. I recently got a few free minutes at work and started looking around again. And came up with some upgrades for myself. I would like to put it a cache/NIC card. I would then like to be able to upload/download video. Also thinking, while I have it open, stick another 120 gig in the box.

So my questions are as follows….

In order to get the files, I need to install tytools.
In order to get tytools, I have to have ftp funning on tivo.
In order to get FTP running on tivo, I need bash.
In order to get bash I need to mount the drive off my pc.

How and when do I install the cache/NIC ? Can I install the drivers while it is mounted to my PC? Is there an image I can use? What is the best method for doing all of that? What other things do I/can I do? Any very user-helpful switches or parms to be set (feel free to PM me)?

A bit about myself, I am fairly familiar with AIX and Solaris. Haven’t used Lynx since collage (10+ years). Not great with hardware, but can hold my own.

05-11-2004, 07:12 PM
Well, not everyone does use joe. vi is available, in two flavors even. But I guess joe is considered easier, esp. for the non-Unix-inclined, of whom there are many here.

TyTool is attached in the second post of this thread. (http://dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34402&page=1&pp=15)

TivoWeb is a web server that runs on your Tivo. You can connect to it from a regular web browser and see what's in Now Playing, see what's coming up, delete from either of those, etc. You have most of the functionality of the Tivo menus, plus access to information you can't get there, like free space. With TivoWebPlus, vserver and TyShow, you can even click on links to watch the programs on your PC.

Xtreme/xPlusz -- Series 1 stuff, so I'll let someone else answer that.

05-11-2004, 08:12 PM
Since you have a series 1 DTivo why not look at the DTivo Hacking FAQ in the series 1 support section. It should answer most of your questions even though it's a bit dated.

05-12-2004, 01:56 PM
I read the FAQ, very very helpful. I think it's time to break open the tivo, again.

One last question, why does tivo call home? Is it just for the PPV and OS updates?

05-12-2004, 06:58 PM
Standalone Tivos get their guide data via phone; DirecTivos get it from the satellite. But both also use the phone line to report your viewing habits back to Tivo, in the form of a complete log of your remote button presses. This is how Tivo is able to report on things like the most watched commercial during the superbowl.