View Full Version : command line to start ftp at bash prompt

06-03-2004, 01:17 PM

I hace bash prompt and tivo ftp......what command do I use at bash prompt to get the process started? my HD is almost full on my tivo and I want to transfer shows off the HD and onto my PC. I am new to all this..so dont assume I know much..you can talk to me like I am a stupid kid...lol thanks for any help

06-03-2004, 01:27 PM
If you hacked your Tivo using Sleeper scripts and you havn't done anything after that, then you need to install the latest TyTool and/or mfs_ftp. Check out the stickies at the top of Extraction forum.

If you have already installed tserver and/or mfs_ftp on your Tivo, then do a search, there are lots of threads on how to start/connect to the server on Tivo.