View Full Version : speeding up mfs_ftp

06-15-2004, 03:54 PM
First let me say that mfs_ftp is an amazing tool and I'm not trying to put it down in any way. I'd like to get some brainstorming going for how we might be able to speed up mfs_ftp xfers. I currently get 400-500 kb/s which is good, but I'd like to make it even better. Assuming that I'm dealing with a LAN here....

What are the potential bottlenecks here? Here are some that come to mind:
- USB to ethernet adapter
- Network drivers
- Harddrive
- TCP/IP transport
- TCL script interpertation

Obvious question is: does anyone know if any of these are the bottleneck?

Are there any profiling tools out there that people have used for tivo apps?

Has the idea of making mfs_ftp a binary ever been considered?


06-15-2004, 08:30 PM
the 2 main mfs_ftp threads have lots of suggestions on how to improve transfer throughput - you should be able to get 800K/sec across usb 1.1 & 2,200K/sec or so across usb 2.0 adapters w/o doing anything bizarre

then of course, a tivo only has so much horsepower, push the transfer rate too high and everything else bogs down

binary versions have been done, but there are a few kinks (like making DARN sure you don't accidently hose mfs) and more interesting things to work on