View Full Version : Bizarre chapter/menu overlaying problems with TyTools dvd creation

06-19-2004, 08:46 PM
Not quite sure how to explain this, but here goes:

I've created two DVDs, using TyTools for the entire process, to create IFO files/dirs. (I have it set to dvd-48@192.).

When this is played in a normal dvd player, (or in friends mac), one of the two has happened (burned two dvds so far):

1) The menu somehow "bleeds" into every frame. I can see fragments of it during the discs entirety.
2) When fast-forwarding or skipping chapters, something similar happens, in that you can see fragments of the menu tiled all over the screen in a "fuzzy manner", it does the chapter skip, and looks fine/seems to have recovered from whatever oddity happened.

I've successfully used TyTools to multiplex the files, resulting in an mpeg that I can burn in other dvd software (Sonic MyDVD), but that particular piece of software does some very goofy stuff (telling me that I can only put 1 hour of video on the disc, and so on)...

I'd like to use TyTools for the entire process, I certainly don't care about the ugly menus.

Both burns play fine using dvd software on the computer.

Any ideas on this?