View Full Version : SleepyIso 1.1: Series 1 3.1.0c2 Scripts for Telnet Bash Sort Ftp and MORE!

07-30-2004, 09:13 PM
This is a upgrade hack script for 3.1.0c2 that instills the new version on your Tivo and does ALL the hacks for you!! Here are the hacks included:

Upgrades to 3.1.0c2
Fixes the satelite bug
Fixes the guide bug
Does the scramble hack
Does the now-sorting hack
Does the backdoors hack
Does the 30 second hack
Does the yellow star hack
Installs Telnet
Installs High Speed Bash
Installs Ftp
Installs Cron for fixsub
Installs TurboNet
Hacks the Kernal

It is Super easy to use so anybody can do it, just type:

sh sleepyiso.tpm

And the TPM will do the rest! Remember to put the slice files in the same folder if you did not download them from the DTV.

Credits: Alarmtronics, Jaboo, Sleeper, Robert S., bbsux, Tiros, THREAD_CLOSED, and ALL of our fans! You guys rule!!

Warning this is for Series 1 Only, DO NOT TRY TO RUN IT ON A SERIES 2 LIKE THAT OTHER ISO!!