View Full Version : Tyindex not running

07-31-2004, 01:50 PM
I recently decided to add extraction to my 'main' Dtivo (DSR6000). It was recently ungraded to 3.1.0c and I added network access. After reinstalling my other hacks, I added tyserver and tyindex which work so well on my T60 running 3.1. Tyeditor sees the files on the now showing list but I can't get tyindex to run. I manually type "./tyindex" and get no errors. I need to extract with this method given my need to burn disks on a Mac. I didn't realize until today that 'ps' is not included with the tivo os. Hack.zip is not available. Anyone know where I can get 'ps' from my other dtivos or from an outside source to see if tyindex is running?