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08-21-2004, 04:25 PM
Here's my superpatch for all known 4.x tivo software versions. Please post test results and support questions in the Superpatch-4all support thread. (http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37197)

Due to people posting questions about HMO related issues (recognized as the 'Now Playing bug' or issues after using other than superpatch-4all... I won't be answering any posts for help that are not in the support thread linked above.

IOW, if you say...

"I'm having this, or that, problem after applying the superpatch"

...and you don't specify superpatch-4all, I'll assume you used an older one that was for a specific tivo software version or had problems, and not superpatch-4all.

If you did use superpatch-4all and want help, read the 'support thread' linked. If the answer isn't there, ask it there.

-----Back to the release-----

Superpatch-4all checks your tivo software version and patches any 4.x version appropriately using 'selectively kill blowfish' patch locations and, in addition, will allow SA tivo owners to continue to call in for guide updates.

Hopefully, this will result in there being only one superpatch that is easily applied. This should also cut down on all the typing errors when users are referring to their tivoapp version. I've even confused myself a couple of times, but of course that's not too hard to do. :)

Anyone noting errors in the background information please pm me.

This file:
1. Backs up your tivoapp to /tvbin/tivoapp.original
2. Patches a copy
3. Replaces your running tivoapp
4. Leaves your original (before running the patch) tivoapp at /tvbin/tivoapp.original.

[Note:] If the installation aborts, because of a previously superpatch'd tivoapp or one that isn't 'stock' everything is cleaned up, all you're left with is a copy of your pre-patch tivoapp as mentioned in step #4.

So, all that is required is to...
with a stock tivoapp in /tvbin

I know experienced users don't need this done for them but thought it might cut down on support requirements.

Just in case I've confused anyone less experienced, you don't need to copy your tivoapp anywhere. Just ensure that an un-modified tivoapp is located in /tvbin and run the patch. If your tivoapp isn't stock (never changed) it'll stop. If your tivoapp has already been patched, it'll say so, and stop.

After running superpatch-4all on each tivo you want to HMO, MRV etc., you MUST run the included set_mrv_name_ADH.tcl, updated by alldeadhomiez, to set up for MRV.

[Note:] You can't MRV between hacked(recording uncrambled) and unhacked(recording scrambled) tivos.


Update 0.6.0: Re-ported the 4.0.1 locations after finding 2 errors.

Update 0.6.1: Due to a bad test on DTivos, I've reverted to known good patch 'non-selective blowfish killing locations' for 4.0 and 4.0.1.

Update 0.7.0:
1. Added NoPPV (record scheduled PPV) and Parental Control (OFF after reboot) for the DTivo owners.
2. Added omitted 30-second skip for 4.0.
3. Minor changes to descriptions in .txt and .tcl.
4. Bundled set_mrv_name_ADH.tcl into .zip with permission from alldeadhomiez.

Update 0.7.1:
1. Added VWait Speedup (i.e. reduces cpu hogging when using certain programs.)

Previous File data:
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.5.0.zip (5.1 KB, 63 views)
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.6.0.zip (5.1 KB, 20 views)
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.6.1.zip (5.1 KB, 302 views)
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.0.zip (6.8 KB, 1610 views)
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.1.zip (7.1 KB, 18 views)

****This patch file IS NOT for TiVo OS software version 7.1 tivoapps****

08-21-2004, 04:26 PM
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.1.tcl by NutKase
(C) 8/21/2004

The zip contains 3 files:

superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.1.tcl : tcl script
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.1.txt : this file
set_mrv_name_ADH.tcl : set_mrv_name updated by alldeadhomiez. Used with permission.

The first HMO superpatch was posted by CapablePerson66 and was for DTivo's running 4.0. Because TiVo still charged SA tivo owners for HMO at the time, porting to a version of software that SA tivo owners were using was restricted.

After HMO started being 'free' to SA users the restrictions on porting to a newer tivo software version
were lifted. So SledgeHammer ported the patch to 4.0.1b-01. His patch worked fine for DTivo's only.

The patch to this point worked unless you were a SA S2 owner. In which case you would get
'failed during processing' errors after retrieving new guide data.

One note: HMO, as provided by tivo is not compatible with unencrypted video sharing, thus the need
for an HMO superpatch port for SA tivo owners, like me.

alldeadhomiez gave us the 'selectively kill blowfish' patch locations for 4.0
which rc3105 ported to 4.0.1b. This change allowed guide retrieval without corruption.

I took this information, converted the hexidecimal VMA addresses to decimal and updated the superpatch.

This allowed SA S2 owners who still needed to connect to TiVo for guide data to use the HMO superpatch.

I released this as superpatch401b-02-NutKase.tcl which was updated to superpatch401b-02-NutKase-update2.tcl. I've removed all 3 of my versions of superpatch and am replacing them with this patch.

By request, I ported the patch to 4.0.1 (not b) and released superpatch4.0.1-NutKase.tcl which is also replaced by this patch.

As is evident in this tivo script release, I'm new at coding. Everything you see in this script is a
result of either someone else's work or ideas. I am getting pretty good at porting patch locations
but in scripting, I've clearly and shamelessly borrowed from others and have learned much as a result.

I received invaluable guidance from alldeadhomiez, who originally instilled the idea for this patch.
His review and suggestions paved the way for my learning. Thank you for your time, ADH.

Very little in this is my own, heck, I even adapted the format of this file from JJBliss :), but, I hope
it's useful and it was fun to have a project on which to learn.

As always, huge thanks to, MuscleNerd, mbm, alldeadhomiez, and others.

This script will enable the HMO (Home Media Option) which enables Music and Photos, enables Multiroom Viewing (MRV), decrypts all HMO/MRV network traffic, disables the daily nag screen when your box hasn't connected to the service for more than 30 days, sets your tivo to record all future shows unscrambled using NoCSO, and other various stuff, including applying the 30-second skip, NoPPV(record scheduled), Parental Controls (Off after reboot) and VWait Speedup(cpu utilization reduction) patches to all known 4.x tivoapps.

Read the Superpatch-4all support thread. (http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37197), for more details.

YOU DO NOT NEED THIS PATCH, if you've already applied an HMO superpatch, to your DTIVO, which didn't
'selectively kill blowfish' like:

4.0 - supplied by CapablePerson66
4.0.1b - ported by SledgeHammer

HOWEVER, if you can help with testing, I do ask that you
take the time to apply it to a stock tivoapp and report your results.
[EDIT] No further testing required.

This script has been tested on Series 2 Tivos/DTivos running 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.1a, 4.0.1b-01, 4.0.1b-02 and 4.0.1b.2003. Continue reading for updated info.

If you encounter a tivo software version that I haven't listed below please report it.


08-21-2004, 04:27 PM
superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.1.tcl will discriminate between and patch all 4.x tivo software versions with the HMO superpatch with 'selectively kill blowfish', allowing those units that need to call home for guide data to do so.

I've included the following additional patches: 30-second skip, NoPPV (i.e record scheduled PPV), and Parental Controls (Off after reboot) and VWait Speedup(cpu utilization reduction).

You can disable a patch, 30-second skip for instance, by editing this script and commenting out the appropriate line in the array. Read the board for which patch location to comment out.

This script has been tested for it's ability to patch each of the tivoapps from the tivo software versions listed below:


Ensure that you'll be able to reinstall your original tivoapp, if necessary, by serial or telnet or you'll have to pull your drive in the event of an error.

[EDIT] Superpatch-4all has been tested in SA S2s and DTivos running all of these TiVo OS versions.

Check the Superpatch-4all support thread (http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37197) for the latest info.


08-21-2004, 05:05 PM

Original superpatch release by capableperson66 (http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35209)

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