View Full Version : Tytool Install Problem?

09-06-2004, 03:07 PM
I just installed TyTool9r15a on my tivo. I run the server on the Tivo and then try to connect to it from the Windows client. When I press the Refresh button I get the following error message on the Tivo:

SERVER: We got a message! buf = 'SHOWING'
sh: ./NowShowing.tcl: Permission denied
Waiting for an incomming connection!

I also get the following error message on the Windows Client:

Connecting to ''
Getting NowShowing data...
Sorry.. Could not obtain the list.

What am I doing wrong?



09-06-2004, 04:50 PM
Did you chmod 755 to the tserver & nowshowing tcl...That why it will not work. Any problem email me i will help you get up and going. I will guide you not do it for because you need to learn, but any who i will help. i know how confusing this is.

09-06-2004, 04:53 PM
typing skills are going off the deep end...Sorry about that.....Just to help others so they can h elp me