View Full Version : Extraction using TyTool Help

09-06-2004, 04:52 PM
It is difficult to get 25xtreme now, so I am hoping that other newbies who want to do extraction can find this thread, as an alternative to the 25Xtreme method on a S1 Dtivo...I do need some confirmation from some veterans though on whether these are the right steps to take...

I posted this here because my goal is extraction and I have an untouched T60 that I am going to use and would like to have a clean hack/install for extraction prior to doing any recording.

Step 1 is to backup and upgrade the existing drive (or drives) using the Hinsdale how to. Backup, verify the backup works, then setup the new drive or drives and verify their operation.

Step 2 is to hack the tivo. Using these (http://tivo.stevejenkins.com) instructions. This will install the network adapter, bash and an FTP client. I am going to skip the daily call through the adapter and just run a phone line though. An alternate method is to use the turbonet install CD and then use Steve Jenkins instructions to install bash and FTP manually (please verify)

Step 3 is to use Alphawolf's instructions on how to Disable TyStream Encryption (http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31213) .

Step 4: Follow the install instructions HERE (http://www.tytool.com/TyTemplates/FAQ/Setup/default.aspx) to install jdiner's TyTool latest release.

Some comments:
1. I want to do this prior to any recording on the tivo for easiest extraction for a newbie.

2. I will have a phone line plugged in

Thanks to all who are reading this far and I appreciate your time and effort in helping me get started properly...