View Full Version : Need help with pre-upgraded drive I bought

09-03-2001, 04:10 PM
I'm not certain if anyone can help me with this upgrade issue. I decided to "chicken out" and buy a pre-upgraded plug n play hard drive from www.digitalrecorder.tv. I purchased their upgrade drive to be added as a second drive to my 30 hour Philips TIVO. The problem is that I thought my TIVO had a single drive. When I opened it to add the 2nd drive from digitalrecorder.tv, I discovered I had 2 drives.

With today being Labor Day, I am unable reach anyone at DigitalRecorder.tv support for help. My question is - can I still install this 2nd drive and simply replace the existing 2nd drive that is now in my TIVO.....or is the operating system, or other needed files, spread over the 2 drives. From what I understand, the pre-upgraded drive I bought from DigitalRecorder.tv should have been a simple plug-n-play install by adding it to a 1 drive system as the 2nd drive.....but would that be a different type of pre-upgraded drive if the unit already has 2 drives?

Thanks for any help.