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10-03-2004, 12:04 PM
First of all, the things I have learned on this website is amazing. From getting my TIVO hacked to getting files moved to my PC. Tytool is great for my ultimate goal which is simply to copy recorded shows from TIVO to DVD.

GXCEBOT Series I, Tytool v9r17, Sony NS425P. Nothing fancy here. Just moving recorded movies from DTIVO to PC via ethernet. Make, Edit, VOB-MUX, then Create IOF files using TyTool. Create DVD using Nero. Playing back on Sony DVD player hooked up to Onkyo Dolby Digital 5.1 Receiver - 1 center, 2 front and 2 rear speakers. Using Tytool, normally I do NOT select any Audio Transcoding options. If original source is DD 5.1 format, DVD's created sound excellent and play back in true 5.1. However, if it is a movie that has a non 5.1 audio like most of the older movies are, when I playback the created DVD, I get very little sound from the front (main) speakers. Ton's of sound come from the center channel speaker. I can hear static coming from the main speakers and even it is at a very low volume. When listening to movies as they play from the DTIVO, the Onkyo simply shows Dolby ProLogic mode which is normal. Sound from the center speaker is still dominant however there is quality audible sound (both dialog, music and soundeffects) coming from the front speakers. When I play this same movie back on DVD, receiver still shows Dolby ProLogic mode but very little sound from the front speakers is audible. I tried selecting Option #8 on the Audio Transcoding. When I did this, the DVD only plays back on the CENTER speaker in Prologic mode. I can select STEREO mode on the receiver and get good 2 channel sound but then no center channel.

Guess my question is how can I reproduce the same "non DD 5.1" audio as the source movies? :cool:

10-03-2004, 05:50 PM
You'll only get DPL if you start with a DPL source - you can't go from DD 5.1 to DPL, only to stereo. Well, not without a DPL encoder anyway.

10-03-2004, 06:41 PM
Yes understand that. But take movie, "Quigley Down Under" for example playing on AMC. It is an older movie, long before DD5.1. If I watch this movie live on DirecTV or from my TIVO recorded program list, it plays what I call normal, with good sound coming from both the Front (main) and Center channel speakers. I get good sound effects coming from the Front speakers. However, if I copy this movie to my PC and process it and put it on a DVD, when I play the DVD back, I seem to lose most all sound that previously would have been coming from the Front (main) speakers. Only the center channel seems to play.