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10-11-2004, 04:38 PM
Quicktime Plugin for ty, ty+ ...
It seems to me that someone with quicktime component knowledge would be able to whip this up in hours. We have the source code for compressing and decompressing a tystream in the mplayer source ( and of course many other projects ), so writing this into a quicktime .component file should be easy, right? Welll.... not really. I gave myself a huge headache just trying to figure out where to begin with quicktime programming. That's one hell of a huge system.

So the call goes out.... anyone who knows how to write a plugin for
quicktime ( or knows someone else who does! ) willing to help me out?
I'll be more than willig to handle the massaging of the source code for tystreams.. I just need someone to hold my hand on some skeleton code for the plugin.


P.S. I've often wondered why the developers of the Mplayer OSX client
didn't opt for this rather than writing their own viewer.

10-13-2004, 12:54 AM
Yeah, I've wondered about this as well. I took a brief look at the source for qtwmacodec and qtcomponents at sourceforge to see if those would serve as good (simple and non-bloated) templates for coding up a .ty component. However, I have been busy with work, so expediancy got the better of me and I put together a 2-line csh script that converts .ty to Quicktime-playable .mpg on my mac:

./tydemux -s 2 -i $1 -v junk.mpg -a junk.ac3 >& /dev/null
./mplex -V -f 9 -O 0 -o ${1:r}.mpg junk.mpg junk.ac3 >& /dev/null

Long term I would prefer the Quicktime component approach because it is cleaner, and I agree that with a little knowledge of the Quicktime API, this should be a trivial component to assemble.

02-10-2005, 02:33 AM
If that script generates a Quicktime-playable .mpg on your system, you must already have the $20 MPEG2 component installed. So what you need is not the kind of thing that qtwmacodec does, but what qtwmacodec does not do: parse container files. If the author of qtwmacodec was unable to make a .asx file parser for that component, what makes you think it would be any easier to make a parser for .ty or .tmf files?