View Full Version : Bizarre tivo-mplayer problem...

10-13-2004, 12:50 PM
Hi guys,

Long time lurker - first time poster!

I'm having a strange problem with tivo-mplayer v0.19 running on Mac OS X and was wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue.

I compiled fine on Panther and have installed vserver v1.2 on my Series 1 TiVo and can successfully connect and stream both audio and video from the TiVo to my iBook.

Unfortunately the video stream only lasts for the duration of the cache...so for example if I issue the command:

./mplayer tivo:// -vo sdl -ao sdl -cache 8192

mplayer will connect, load about 20% of the 8Mb cache and start streaming (building the cache in the background). As soon as the 8Mb cache is full however, mplayer (or vserver?) stops streaming the data. The video continues playing until the cache is depleted (0%) when it stops and will not play any more of the video.

If I increase the -cache parameter to "-cache 16384" or even "-cache 65536" I can get more of the video - but as soon as that cache amount is downloaded, mplayer disconnects.

Has anyone ever seen this before or have any idea what could cause it?

Any pointers or advice would be most appreciated!!!


PS - Apologies for cross-posting this to "Series 1 Support" - I missed this Extraction forum when I posted last night...