View Full Version : Conditional filtering to reduce blockiness

10-23-2004, 04:50 PM
I'm kicking around some ideas about "fixing" blockiness in an automated fashion on cut points within TyTool.

Right now it's just concept-building and research. It might never be developed enough to be submitted to Josh as a suggestion.


1) The vast majority of macroblock problems with DTiVo source appear during scene changes between advertising and content.

2) Most internal "cuts" from a stream are to remove advertising.


Most macro-block problems, if they exist, would be in the first GOP of a section to be kept.


Is my assumption about the location of the macroblock corruption in DTiVo source correct? Does it match most people's observations?


FWIW, my idea is to find a reliable method to detect the macroblock problem then conditionally pipe the "corrupted" partial GOP through a de-blocking filter during the muxing process. This wouldn't be a perfect fix which would be impossible since the source is already corrupted. It would, however, help to reduce the visual harshness of the blockiness.