View Full Version : Using VIDEO out to a PC

10-23-2004, 05:09 PM
While Im waiting for my cachecard to arrive (Xmas present) i need to extract some video off - so i thought I'd use the SVHS input on my Haupauge PVR 250 Card, the results are quite reasonable especially as Im reencoding to XVID ayway.

However when I recorded the widescreen program it plays back fine on TV, the archived video however appears to be 4:3 format - although Im finding it difficult to tell if its been squashed!

Can anyone tell me if theyve tried something similar? and what advice if any you can give me.



10-23-2004, 06:43 PM
What brand is your TIVO?

I have the Hughes HR10-250 DirecTV HD TIVO. One reason I decided to mod my machine is beasue of this. Even if it is a HD saved program the TIVO when you use the RECORD TO TAPE feature the output is still S-Video and TIVO will remux on the fly the video to squeze to that format, and that is STANDARD VIDEO.

Unless you have a HD VCR that can acept componant HDTV inputs.....You will need to MOD your system.