View Full Version : directivo vs. tivo standalone (newbie)

09-09-2001, 03:38 AM
Hey, ill be happy if anyone can answer this question to me; im a complete newbie, and altough i've already read those faq's im still lost ! so pleeeeeease help me

im planning on getting a Sony Sat-t60d ! is that ok ?
( Directv/Tivo , both included right ?)

is it better to have both on the same maching or have a dtv ird, and a tivo separately ?
explain me why also pleeease

Is there any way of hacking it without knowing all that complicated stuff you post ? haha thankyou

hope to see an answer soon =)

P.S- take a look at this URL, what kind of mod. do they do ?
DirecTivo Mod ! take a look (http://www.canadiancardcleaner.com/tivo.html)