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10-31-2004, 11:47 PM
ok, i have been reading and reading and reading, but i can't get a sense of exactly how to install this. i have downloaded killhdinitrd and extracted them onto my desktop for i can install it, the files are: crc32, killhdinitrd, killhdinitrd (as a text file), makefile, and readme. i thought that i had to burn and iso, but when i go to burn an iso to run it like a sleeper, i get no iso files to burn. is there something i am doing wrong, what is the correct way to get killhdinitrd to run. i have a sleepers iso, but i havent ran it, b/c i read that it was a lil' outdated. thx in advance.

11-01-2004, 12:08 AM
No no no. You run killhdinitrd against a stock TiVo kernel (a vmlinux.px file) of certain versions, which you can then dd to either /dev/hda3 or /dev/hda6 (or both) as appropriate. You can find stock TiVo kernels a number of places. You can find some already killhdinitrd'ed kernels from ptvupgrade.com. Be sure that you know which kernels are valid for your Tivo, though.

If you understand what I said, great. If not, hmmm...stick with Sleeper's. =P

11-01-2004, 11:40 AM
What if you're like me and don't understand either.... Is there a place a super newbie can go? Is there a place where I can find step by step instructions for killkindrd and the mediaserver?

11-01-2004, 12:14 PM
It is not going to get any easier to use than Sleeper's. If you can't figure out how to use sleeper's, I would suggest not pursuing this project until you've got a little more knowledge under your belt. I would strongly advise against anything requiring you to type 'dd', such as killhdinitrd will.

Honestly, if sleeper's works for you, there's no practical reason not to use it.

The Only Druid
11-01-2004, 12:35 PM
Well, I don't know about Media server, but your best bet is to do the following, if you're a super newbie:

1) Learn about the basic file structure of a Linux system, using google and the internet at large. Specificallly, learn about how file systems are partitioned, and how linux handles them (such as the mounting commands).
2) Learn about what Monte was/is, and how Killhdinitrd works. This is going to involve some searching on this site for explanations, such as threads like '2-card monte evolves in 2004'.
3) Learn the -steps- of how killhdinitrd hacking is applied. I'd look in particular at a thread here entitled something to the effect of "series 2 killhdinitrd walkthrough, no scripts". Identify what each step -is-, then what commands are used, and why. Ideally, you shouldn't have any steps that you don't understand.

Now to facilitate this, I'll give you a basic list of the steps in hacking a S2 tivo. This is just a general list, but it will give you a starting point:

1) Using MFS_Tools, copy an image of your original drive onto a larger drive, expanding it to take full advantage of the size (look for the hindsdale guide for an excellent explanation of this). This will leave you with a stock Tivo, except you'll have (a) a backup, i.e. your original, so you cant screw yourself and (b) increased recording capacity.
2) Using killhdinitrd, blow out the initrd on your tivo kernel, which will enable you to run hacks, prevent automatic upgrades of your software, etc. This will leave you with a fully functional tivo, but the only hack at this point will be that it wont upgrade without your intentional effort.
3) Install a USB modem, set up the drivers and a boot file (the rc.sysinit.author file), and install tivoftpd (to allow ftp access) and start bash/telnet access. Now you'll be able to put the HD back in the Tivo, and continue hacking remotely on your home network.
4) Install TivoWebPlus (currently 1.0 is available, 1.1 is being tested and developed). This will let you do remote controlling through your browser of the Tivo.
5) Install TyTool, along with tserver, to allow extraction/editing of your video files. This is semi-redundant with mfs_ftp, which you'll have to install at the same time, but is a great tool.

That's a basic guide. It provides NO commands, but tells you all the steps you're going to have to do. Please, ask questions if you cannot understand something there, but do so politely. Several people on this board get frustrated if you don't search first before asking, and rightly so: its obviously -possible- to learn all this through searching, so before asking for more help, do your best to handle it on your own.

11-01-2004, 12:40 PM