View Full Version : Need Help: Sizzle + Mac OSX

11-04-2004, 08:09 PM
I've recently begun extracting video off my SAS1 tivo under Mac OSX using Tystudio, X11 and all that jazz. I've even successfully burned DVD using Sizzle.

Recently Sizzle (0.5b2) has started to act up. I've searched and looked at nearly half the threads here on deal database, most of them are old and not specific to sizzle problems

I am running Mac OS 10.3.5 with 900 mb ram, 1 Ghz proc.

I am trying to author a DVD with 15-20 buttons. Sizzle does this beautifully, accept one thing- when preview using Apple DVD player, or burn it and play it on the TV the DVD doesn't Highlight which button is selected. This means it is impossible to navigate the DVD to get the title you want.

Funny thing is, I have burnt 3 previous DVDs where sizzle did this flawlessly and menus operated as they should with 6 or fewer buttons.

I have tried contacting the author where e-mails go unanswered or bounce. Documentation doesn't cover any bugs, workarounds, or limitations.

If anyone else is trying to troubleshoot Sizzle 0.5b2 with Mac OS10.3.5 I'd love to share knowledge with you.

I really need to get these DVDs burnt with 20 or more buttons.