View Full Version : tserver always dies?

11-17-2004, 04:15 AM
Until a few days ago everything worked fine: Tytool9R17 + tserver_mfs7 + NowShowing.tcl extracted without a hitch on my Series 1 (added hard drive) box.

I use a Prism Airnet card but the connection is crystal clear. Actually, if I don't close up the receiver the neighbors across the street patch in ...

Anyhow, all of a sudden tserver seems to die on me every timer. NowShowing works fine, even TivoWeb have zero problems.

But right after I pull off the programming list - bam, it hangs and the TIvo can't be pinged anymore. I look at the logs and I do not see anything in the extraordinary (I may be overlooking something) but eventually the TiVo hangs and needs to be rebooted - again, only when running tserver.

It looks something like this:

Name = 'd:\tivo\The Daily Show With Jon Stewart-'
fsIDs = '3039417/3039419'
Tivo Address = 'tivo'

and end of story.

I am now playing woith mfs_ftp but still ...