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11-20-2004, 07:43 PM
Hi All,

Just got my network adapter for my series 1 stand-alone the yesterday and everything installed great. So I figured I'd try some video extraction. I've looked through the forums but to be quite honest things seemed very jumbled and everyone is talking about so many tools that I'm just getting confused.

Here is what I have maybe some of you can take me through to the next step:

1. TyStudio is installed on my WinXP machine.
2. TyServer is installed on the Tivo
3. I have no problems copying the .ty file to my PC

My problem comes in with the following, now that I have the .ty file I obviously want to format it so I can view it in different ways (sometimes burn several shows as mpeg or divx to view on computers, other times to burn to DVD's to watch on TV's)

I'm getting confused on how to do that -- the TyStudio Editor offers the ability to transform the video to the following:

Generic MPEG2: This is an MPEG program stream, which is playable by any software, and
most hardware MPEG players. Regardless of Tivo type, set "Audio to" to "No Transcoding".

DVD: This is an MPEG program stream that is DVD compliant. If you have an SA/UK Tivo,
you will need to set the "Audio to" to either "DVD" or "AC3 DVD". The AC3 option is
recommended if you have a DVD player that is only capable of playing AC3 audio. You will
need to test it. If you have a DirecTv Tivo, you should set "Audio to" to "No
Transcoding". However, if you have problems playing MPEG audio on your DVD player, you
might want to set it to "AC3 DVD". To check what audio is present in the TyStream, go to
"View | Log File". In the very start you will see: "Audio Stats:". This will tell you what
type of audio is present in the TyStream you are about to convert. If it's already AC3,
you should always set "Audio to" to "No Transcoding"!

SVCD: This is an MPEG program stream that is SVCD compliant. You will need to set
"Audio to" 44100 regardless of your Tivo model!

Elementary Stream: This will produce one raw video file and one raw audio file. You will
most likely use this if you want to edit the files separately in another program, such as
a DVD authoring program. You might want to transcode the audio - please see the DVD/SVCD
notes above for hints in regards to this.

What options should I be choosing and what steps should I be taking to create DVD's (VOBs) and DIVX files?

11-20-2004, 11:38 PM
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11-21-2004, 05:09 AM
been playing around here today and I think I have a pretty good method figured out now for both DVD and DIVX files -- If you have any other suggestions please let me know:


1. Open .TY file in Tystudio and choose DVD video and DVD audio (48K)
2. Download DVDLAB
3. Import .MPEG files into DVDLAB and follow programs steps for authoring a DVD


1. Open .TY file in Tystudio and choose DVD video and DVD audio (48K)
2. Download DR DIVX
3. Convert using wizard