View Full Version : Why ???

11-25-2004, 05:03 PM
WHy my thread "crazy eyes - lenses" is gone!!!!?????

I will try to post it again... :eek:

11-25-2004, 06:32 PM
because you're just spamming us and advertising, not pointing to a deal

11-25-2004, 06:58 PM
You are selling your stuff---"""40 gig maxtors"""
Why can I sell mine ????
My Last post have only my email info.
What is your problem???

11-25-2004, 07:56 PM
1) I'm not the one that deleted your thread, I just read the "deleted by" reason and passed it along

2) you didn't read the guidelines which states don't post email addresses OR the post which said "please pm"

3) this is largely a tivo hacking site so tivo related items are a bit more apropriate. (established members are certainly welcome to offer other things)

4) I've been here a couple of YEARS, posted usefull stuff and been involved upto my eyeballs in several major projects. so yah, in a couple of aspects that's "better" than a 3 post wonder who only joined to try & sell halloween junk

5) not out to make a buck off these, probably have $10k in tivo stuff laying around which includes a pile of virgin drives that some folks might find usefull.

presumably folks would prefer to buy a drive from trustworthy instead of some ebay sleaze. *shrug*

edit: and you re-posted a thread that a mod deleted, looks like that got you banned for a while