View Full Version : Tytool extracts file in ty but unable to view?

12-15-2004, 12:21 PM
I have searched this extraction thread with no luck...help...
I can extract the ty file off of my rca dvr40 with tytool18 and the tserver...it shows the file size on my local pc...but Tyconverter just locks up when i try to convert it to mpg file....also ,when i setup tytools to transcode to mpg,i still cannot play the resulting file on media player.....mplayer opens ty file in a dos windows and tries to play file but windows closes so fast i cannot read error it gets.....what setting am i missing on server,client or player? codecs?
BTW: the key file is created and viewable thru tytool editor to create the cut file and ciphercheck.tcl verified i have encryption disabled...

Can some one point to a helpful thread as I have not found one yet...

Nevermine...I found my problem....I just needed an Mpeg2 codec for audio/video.....Ligos codec works..

killhhinit'd ,disabled encryption,Telnet, mfsftp,tivowebplus and dub-e100 LAN ...so far!!