View Full Version : Stream Internet Radio without proxy?

12-15-2004, 01:21 PM
Hey, all. Very new to this DTivo hacking thing, though this past week in a couple of late night sessions I managed to add a bigger hard drive and network the machine, adding mfs_tools and ftp and telnet and tivowebplus, etc.

My next step will be an upgrade to 4.0.1b, but I've got some questions.

Does HMO require a proxy machine in order to stream Internet radio? It appears from my perusal of the documentation that you're supposed to save the stream source as an .m3u file, allowing the Tivo access to it on the host PC. JavaHMO appears to do the same.

This is acceptable, but requires that I have the host PC on whenever I want to listen to Internet radio. I'd love to see an app or a hack that would allow direct streaming without a host PC (and would be willing to try my hand at writing one, if no one has done this yet), perhaps using http protocols to reach the proper external server through my cable modem.

Any ideas?