View Full Version : Oops! 4.0.1 on DTivo. Any reason to switch to 4.0.1b?

12-25-2004, 11:26 PM
I recently put 4.0.1-01-2-240 on my RID Dtivo using the hillhdinitrd hack. I got the image from a backup I had made of my old SA before I sold it. I could have sworn that it was running 4.0.1b. Oh well... So, now I have 4.0.1 running successfully on 2 DTivos. Is there any compelling reason to upgrade them to 4.0.1b? (find a source for the software, figure out how to upgrade by slices, etc) The only reason I can see is the guide patch problem. The guide patch won't run on my version. But other than the bogus 'Still getting listings...' message, is there any other reason?