View Full Version : It just won't convert!

01-02-2005, 04:36 PM
Ok. I'm using TyTools9r18.

I have Scary Movie 3-.ty from my S2 DTiVo, which I've went and Made and editted keyframes for so I can remove the beginning and end crap.

I plan to put this onto my MP3 Player, but I'm having no luck with VirtualDub. I mean, I've used it dozens of times for this exact thing, but I can't get Scary Movie 3 through it!

I Multiplexed Scary Movie 3-.ty, and then tried to open it in the MPEG2 version of VirtualDub. It parses the file, and I get a TON of these errors:

MPEG: Anachronistic or discontinuous timestamp found in video stream 0 at byte position 578694, from 15015 to 142642. This may indicate an improper join.

I click OK, and when I try to do anything (Watch the file or save the file) I get:

No audio decompressor could be found to decompress the source audio format.

Any ideas?