View Full Version : please help with sony t60

09-19-2001, 01:56 PM
I recently got a Sony T60 and I don't have a phone line and need help on how to be able to use the Tivo features..... I know there are scripts out there for this, and have the one I need I believe, but my question is, my lap top doesn't have Linux on it and I don't know how to execute the script to my T60..... I have the serial cable that hooks to com port 1 of my laptop and to the back of the T60, but can not figure out how to execute the script that I was told would need to be run once every 30 days to keep all the Tivo features working....... I did search on this, but couldn't find anything that helped me..... Sorry to bother the "higher ups of Tivo knowledge", but I would be greatful if someone could tell me how to execute the necessary script from a laptop with Windows 2000 on it to the Sony T60....... Again, I am a total newbie to this, so the most basic of instructions would be greatly appreciated, and when I learn this, I can help the next newbie here down the road........... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

09-20-2001, 09:20 PM
first you need a bash prompt.. you can get that by following the directions in the tivo hack faq to do that. then you can just "send file " under teraterm pro..