View Full Version : Service Data Download under 2.5 - Any Ideas what this is??

09-22-2001, 04:22 AM
Well I have a Sony T60, and a day or so ago it got the new 2.5 software, and I was up and running with two tuners. This all seemed normal enough.

Now tonight I am setting upstairs watching my TiVo and it makes a phone call, and about 30 minutes later it's still on the phone. I know it wasn't getting 2.5, as I already had it. :)

So I go to phone connection, and it says it's not making a call, then I look under system information and I see it shows the daily call is done, but now it is doing a "Service Data Download" and this took like 30-40 min to actually complete. Also while doing this it showed one of the two tuners was on channel 100 for TiVo, and when I selected it then it just showed it was doing a download and the percentage done. The one thing that really sucked is that I could NOT get back to my second tuner, I had to wait till it was complete to get back to live TV.

Last thing, about a half hour after this strange download was done, at about 3:15am my time, the TiVo just rebooted while I was setting there watching it, went through it's little update thing, and then went on it's way. Real pisser it didn't tell me it was going to reboot first.

So my question is, what is this Service Data call the unit makes totally separate from the daily calls, and you can see when that was last done in the status screens. It sure took a bunch of data due to phone time, and then even rebooted the TiVo.

Has anyone else seen there unit do this, and I was still at the same version of 2.5 when completed, and no new messages telling me anything was up.

Any ideas?? :confused:


11-17-2001, 03:13 AM
Mine is doing it right now!! Scares the piss outta me. I have been dealing with "Dave" for years and I don't want him jacking with my Tivo. I am not hooked to a phone line and I am still getting it, so it must be in the stream. Hope it isn't a setup for an ECM.:eek:

11-17-2001, 03:34 AM

2.5 gets all of it's data from the SAT.

What you have experienced is your tivo downloading the Network Showcases\TiVolution Magazine data.

It is still unknown if they will send software updates this way (but most probably they will..)

You'll notice that about 2 days after you install 2.5, all of a sudden showcases & TiVolution are working again...

The only reason to be scared of this is they can send down a update to your software, and prom and issue a reboot command, without your knowledge, or alternative. So keep those backups handy.. Next issue should be to figue out a way to block updates & software downloads from the SAT.

11-17-2001, 11:31 PM
Noticed this in my testing as well. This call loads and initializes the Showcases/Magazine. From here, the data comes from the stream - and the service data download is actually a download from the stream for Showcases/Magazine.

If you restore a 2.5 image, and don't let it call in - your Showcase/Magazine will always say "3 days". Needs to make this initial long call to get it working right.

11-17-2001, 11:45 PM
i was wondering my dtivo now said i would have network showcases and tivolution in 3 days for the past week. so do i have to be subscribed when it calls in, or what? anyone have any idea as to whether this is simply a setting in the mfs database that can be activated via fixup?

11-18-2001, 01:13 AM
Not just a setting - I think.

I lucked out. My production unit - an open box special which I'd been running hacked 2.0.1 since July - had never called in while in my possession. Had never intended it to call in. Even lost my 2.0.1 recordings while trying to "upgrade" to 2.5 without calling in. Had "3 days" for a week, and decided to test a call in.

Pulled access card (well... pulled old credit card off the microswitch - and kept out during entire process - hardwired 1489).

Restored a 2.0.1, and let the phone lines rip. Turned out the box had a legal lifetime. It downloaded 2.5 (I backed up at pending restart) - then let it install itself. Forced another call - was a long one. It put a menu structure into the Magazine and over a dozen selectable icons into the Showcases. Since then - no more calls, and it appears to update through the stream with current info (that's the "Service Download" listed in System Info - it's actually a download from the stream - and is explained in the DTivo update PDFs. on the Tivo site).

My other (test) box always comes back from a call as "Never Setup - 0". And does not download the Showcase/Mag initialization. So, yes - I believe you need a sub to get this prepopulated. Or... read on...

I backed up my production box just after the second download - and the backup holds the Showcase/Mag structure and icons. But - at this point - it's a married backup.

Crypto'd the SN of my production unit onto the test box. Restored the above image - but comes back "call service". Apparently, there's more to this marriage than the crypto chip.

We need to crack this marriage thing... Do you have the /diag directory? Lot's of clues within the scripts there....

Ohhh... almost forgot. I did *not* test Clear and Delete Everything on the test box yet. I know that this remarries the image to the new box, but haven't tested to see if the Showcase/Mag structuring survives. Will try tonight.

11-18-2001, 03:06 AM
FWIW - from the Summer Update PDF's on Tivo site - also posted on "next project" thread:

TiVo is now using the satellite to deliver TiVo Service information like Tivolution
Magazine and Showcases. These automatic downloads will occur late at night,
when most people are not using the Service. (You still need to leave your phone line
plugged in, because software updates and other types of information are delivered
through it.)
During the download, the channel banner displays “TiVo Service Data” instead of a
program title, and an orange light on the front of the Receiver turns on.
You can watch any program in the Now Playing List while the download takes
place. If you wish to watch live TV, simply change the channel (e.g., with the
CHAN UP/DOWN button or the numbers on the remote) or bring up the TiVo Live
Guide. The download will automatically occur later.
If you would like to know when your last download took place, go to Messages &
Setup, then select System Information. Press CHAN DOWN until you see “Service
Data Download.” Information about the last download can be found here.