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02-22-2005, 10:04 PM
Hi I'm following the 4.x+ RID Installation Guide

I have successfully placed the 4.0 tivo image on my 60 g drive and the system boots fine. I wanna be able to use HMO. I have plugged in my linksys usb200m adapter and the tivo recognizes it. I can see my tivo ip as 192.168.xxx.xxx and mac address.

I'm up to step 13 on the guide.. But I'm stuck and don't know what else to do???
According to the guide I have to do the following but not sure how to start??
Please Help.

Telnet to the IP of your Tivo. You should get a bash prompt like:

mount -o remount,rw / # TiVo mounts the drive read-only, changes would not be applied to the disk. This remounts it read-write.
cd /hacks/
chmod 755 superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.1.tcl
chmod 755 set_mrv_name_ADH.tcl
./set_mrv_name_ADH.tcl YOURTIVONAME # (Type in the name for your Tivo, if you have more than 1, choose something descriptive ("Bedroom Tivo"). If you use spaces, you need quotes "around it")
chmod 755 guide_patch_v401b.tcl (you may need the non 4.0b patch if you get a 4.0 image instead of a 4.01b image. Added in email just incase.
cp /tvbin/tivoapp /tvbin/tivoapp.guide_patch
./guide_patch_v401b.tcl /tvbin/tivoapp.guide_patch
# If it says "File was patched" proceed. If not, bail out, and search DD for guide patch
mv /tvbin/tivoapp.guide_patch /tvbin/tivoapp
mount -o remount,ro / # If this errors, go ahead and reboot anyway.

14. Reboot. That's it. You can now add Tivowebplus and other hacks etc. Your local channels could take up to 24 hours to re-appear.

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02-22-2005, 10:23 PM
Hi I'm following the 4.x+ RID Installation Guide

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