View Full Version : EtiVo Scripting support

02-28-2005, 05:12 AM
You can now write script for EtiVo in C# - you dont need Visual studio etc. Just place the .cs file in the program files EtiVoServer\Addins directory and EtiVo will compile it for you.

A sample that will make sure you only have X amount of shows from a certain title exists in a SampleScripts directory. This will allow you to only have, for example, the 7 last shows that have the title "NBC News" w/o having to manually delete them.

Just copy the .cs file into the Addins directory and it will be compiled and use.

You will need to modify it for it to work - tell it what shows you want to delete etc. It's all in the script.


The scripting page will be in:

It contains a little more info that is in this post.